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Blue Mode - Space Race

Blue Mode Is Chip Wickham's - flutist/writer: Malena, The Fire Eaters, Lack of Afro - new soul-jazz trio.

Chip says: "My Hammond Trio's first album has finally happened! Blue Mode 'Space Race' was released on P-Vine Records in Japan in March 2014 and on 3 on the B Records in the US in February 2015 and is set for release shortly on Soul Cooker Records in France. All very exciting and the initial feedback on the album is great. If you like soul-jazz...you will love this album!"

Take one of the funkiest flutist nowadays, add a crazy Hammond player and one of the heaviest drummer's and you have a beautiful trio playing soul-jazz like back in the day. These guys ain't no joke, they're the real deal, they know how to cook the hard way. Having seen them live twice at the Unique Saint Paul Soul-Jazz Festival, I can guarantee you that they have the best ingredients in their bags to make you move! Go and see them if they play nearby, and you'll just realize how good is soul-jazz played by these guys!!  Mr Flint (aka Stefan Garcia from The Saint Paul Soul-Jazz Festival)



Lack of Afro - Freedom




The killing, kick-off track from LOA's best-selling album Music For Adverts is on 45 vinyl single & digital 5 track EP.

Hot Border Special - Hot Border Special

Take a blisteringly energetic and danceable trip with London's Hot Border Special and their eponymously titled debut long player - there really isn't anything quite like it.

With Influences ranging from afrobeat to rock, highlife to funk, and even a hint towards samba, listening serves to affirm this LP's effortlessness, it's an uplifting and joyous audio mystery tour - marvellous surprises seem to be hiding around every corner.

The musicianship is tight - raw, rootsy and percussion heavy rhythms underpin lush interwoven guitar melodies - and its seriously rich, so rich in fact that you don't even notice the absence of a vocalist!

This 10 track affair takes you on an exhilarating ride of light and shade - up tempo bangers like El Frantico and Hot Border Express get the bodies moving, while the more dark and sinister tracks like Mulartoo Deetoo and Wei Wu Wei transport your soul to an iboga style trance.

With a killer live band to boot you'll be hearing more from/about Hot Border Special.




Shandy, Will & Grruff - Island Time

New Mastersounds bassist and music producer Pete Shand finds an outlet for his Jamaican roots with this sun-drenched reggae album, a collaborative studio project recorded between Menorca (where he's now based), Yorkshire (where he hails from) and New York City (where he regularly records & performs) - an international collaboration featuring Brian J (Pimps of Joytime, Brooklyn), Aoife Hearty (Rodina, UK), Kirsty Rock (Easy-Star All Stars, NYC) & Jits and The Mighty Froggy (Leeds Underground).

Pete says: "Since relocating to Menorca some 7 years ago, the ambience and cool Balearic pace has been a constant inspiration. The formation of SWG as a music-making team occurred quite naturally, with William Woodlock, the musician/producer who introduced me to the island & Gareth Colley, my long time production partner in the UK. Having set out just to have fun and make beats in the sun, as an album took shape we consciously decided on a feel-good vibe: holiday music; nothing too challenging or intense. We hope you enjoy having our soundtrack in your lives."



The New Mastersounds - Whistle Song

A slice of funky British silliness from their latest album - Therapy



L to R: Simon, Pete, Eddie & Joe

Lack of Afro - Music For Adverts

A wide ranging, eclectic and progressive musical outlook has always been the Lack of Afro approach. His latest material follows suit as he harnesses disparate musical styles ranging from funk, soul and hip-hop to create a contemporary yet vintage musical escapade of superb songs. On his 4th studio album, the influences, sounds and musical textures are more eclectic than ever.


Music For Adverts is stuffed with beautiful audio gems of all varieties - from those 'proper songs', though tough nut, hard hip hop jams, deeply grooving funk - Lack of Afro has mastery of many genres, production & various instruments, which is why this album is a fully formed tour de force through contemporary soul.


Music For Adverts is LOA's best-selling album to-date and his follow up album is set for release on Lack of Afro Records later in the year.





Hot Border Special - Shockheaded Sweetheart - Live At Rimshot Studios



Hot Border Special: Afro Funk Soul Rock from London.  Debut vinyl LP - on sale now!

The New Mastersounds - Therapy

The NINTH studio album, recorded at Scanhope Sound - a beautiful studio near to Red Rocks, Colorado, in September 2013. Therapy features guest performances from vocalist Kim Dawson (The Motet) and sax player Ryan Zoidis (Lettuce).

There’s quite the sonic spectrum on there: (spoiler alert!) Keb Dargey deep funk (Old Man Noises), Ramsey Lewis-esque soul
-jazz (Morning Fly), old-school soul-pop (I Want You to Stay), classic Meters-y NMS (Monday Meters), some St Germaine-ish jazz house (When it Rains…), funky British silliness (Whistle Song, Slow Down), JB groove (Soul Sista), Doorsy mellow jazz (Detox), a protest tune (WWIII), and a contemporary pop song done in the style of a 1974 George Benson instrumental cover version (Bruno Mars’s Treasure). Produced, as all previous NMS titles, by our guitarist Eddie Roberts.

Check here for The New Mastersounds tour details.








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